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A letter from our founder

Hello! My name is Benjamin Boczulak and I am a marketing student living in Cleveland, OH. I have been experimenting with digital media and marketing for about a decade now. I have extensive experience producing top-tier content and brand identities. In 2012, I started “Unique Bricks”, an e-commerce site that resold LEGO brand products. This experience taught me how to manage an inventory of over 500 SKUs and retarget previous customers with E-Mail. In 2014, I recorded and distributed digital music on Bandcamp, iTunes and Apple Music. It was through this experience that I learned about graphic design, branding and royalties. In 2016, I built and launched my personal website which has since seen over 1,000 unique visitors per month. This was all before I began college. These experiences have given me a unique insight into digital content creation and how businesses can use the power of the internet and original content to grow. Now, I lead malibu money, a firm focused on harnessing the power of content marketing to grow businesses and build customer trust. I will use what I have learned through years of trial and error to deliver solutions that give your business the leg up in this ever-competitive world. One of my biggest philosophies is that life is not a zero-sum game. Every interaction should be mutually beneficial. If you think we could help each other, please reach out!

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